Knitting Tutorial: How To Work A Bulky Cardigan

This cute bulky cardigan is easy and quick to work. It can be made in virtually any size and gauge.

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This easy bulky sweater is worked from the top-down. The back is worked first, then the stitches are picked up at the shoulders to work the front panels. The front ribbed bands and collar are then worked. Finally, the last step before finishing is knitting the side button bands. Optional short rows are used for a bit of neck and shoulder shaping.

Funny Story

When I was buying my yarn at the shop, I had no idea what I was even going to do with it. I just decided that I wanted to knit something using some big yarn, so I bought a few skeins.. I let them sit around at home for awhile before deciding on the sweater. I stared knitting, and noticed I was going through my yarn pretty quickly. You can probably see where this is going.

Of course, I ran out of yarn. Of course, the shop didn’t have any more of the dye lot to match my previously purchased yarn. So of course, I just bought what was available, and went with it, because why not? I’m not sure how obvious it is in my pics, but in reality, my fronts bands, collar and side bands are a bit darker than the rest of the sweater. Lesson still most likely not learned, and it’s now a design feature.


Here is a short video series of how I took the measurements, made the calculations, and knit my sweater. Please see descriptions on YouTube for how to work specific stitches, details on sizing and materials, and other information.

Part 1: Bulky Cardigan: Measurements and Calculations

Part 2: Working the Back

Part 3: Front Panels

Part 4: Front Bands/Collar

Part 5: Side Button Bands and Finishing

Enjoy this fun knit! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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